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"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on our mutual clients in the M&A arena.  Rarely do lawyers understand the logistics industry, but your experience in this area is second to many lawyers have a customs license?  Your experience on the buy and sell side is extraordinary, and I feel lucky when we are on the same team. Your financial background helped us avoid a few pitfalls, and I look forward to helping our mutual clients for years to come"

Cris Arens
Logisyn, Inc.


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Regulatory Compliance

Raymond International offers Regulatory Compliance services in a number of areas including:


We will prepare and file all applications and related documentation with government agencies as necessary to procure business and industry-related licenses in order to assure that you can legally offer and provide your customers with a full scope of service offerings.

For Logistics Industry clients, see our more detailed licensing listings here.  


Audits and Investigations

We perform internal audits of regulatory affairs to advise, under the protection of attorney work product and attorney-client privileges, deficiencies and proposed corrective actions in advance of regulatory bodies discovering and punishing such deficiencies or violations.

Unde the attorney-client privilege, we consult with clients who have received a notice of regulatory investigation to advise them on how to proceed (including internal investigation under protection of attorney work product privilege).

We defend our clients before regulatory bodies during the course of the investigation and, as necessary, negotiate settlements.


Intellectual Property Rights

We file (USA) or arrange for the filing (International) and successful prosecution of applications for Trademarks, Service Marks, Tradenames and Domain Names worldwide in order to maximize the protection of our clients' valuable intellectual property and branding strategy.



We offer single or multi-day seminars worldwide to our clients and their key employees to train them in the legal requirements of conducting their operations to assure that their operations are conducted in full compliance and to create a documented record of good faith on their part in the event of any compliance audits, investigations or disciplinary actions.