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“ I recently exited a mid-sized logistics company where I was one of the founders/partners for over 13 years.   There was quite a bit to address afterwards and many roadblocks to overcome before an amicable resolution took place.   Jan guided me with expertise and utmost professionalism-  his in-depth knowledge of the logistics industry was icing on the cake.   I was referred to Jan by a colleague and was extremely pleased.”

Debra Smythe

Managing Partner

Platinum Cargo Logisitics, Inc.


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Mergers & Acquisitions

We have successfully completed over a hundred mergers and acquisitions transactions worldwide. If you are interested in buying or selling a business, we can assist you in every step of the acquisition process including:


What is the market rate for such businesses? Are there any special factors that should be considered in determining the price for a particular business? We have extensive experience in the market and are constantly updating our market data in order to assist buyers and sellers in answering these and other crucial price-determinative questions.

We have prepared formal valuation analysis reports for numerous companies and can provice this service either as a stand-alone item or as part of an overall package of acquisition services.


We will work with you to identify the parameters of a target (if you are a buyer) or a logical best-fit buyer (if you are a seller). We will then work with you and/or a broker to develop a list of potential sellers or buyers to meet your parameters. 


There are numerous areas of negotiation besides price. These include:

  •    deal structure (asset or stock)
  •    method of payment (cash or stock or combination)
  •    payout structure (contingent earnout provisions)

The result of successful negotiations will be the development of a Letter of Intent.

Raymond International has three decades of experience negotiating these transactions and can guide you through these difficult and complex discussions to achieve maximum value and increase the likelihood of reaching Closing.

Due Diligence

After a Letter of Intent is signed, we can provide legal, compliance, financial and operational due diligence services to assure that the deal you negotiated survives the heightened scrutiny of due diligence and to identify any changes required by matters unearthed during the due diligence process.

Legal Documentation

We will handle all legal documentation including:

  •    Purchase and Sale Agreement
  •    Employment Agreements
  •    Non-Compete Agreements
  •    Schedules and Exhibits