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Logistics Industry

Raymond International specializes in providing business consulting and legal services to the logistics industry. Our Principal, Jan H. Raymond, has been involved in the logistics industry for forty years as an operator, executive and attorney. He brings a multi-disciplinary approach to the services we offer to our logistics company clients.

Some of our industry-specific services include:


  •    Customshouse Brokerage License and Permits (CHB)
  •    Ocean Transportation Intermediary--Freight Forwarder License (OTI-FF)
  •    Ocean Transportation Intermediary--NVOCC Licenses (OTI-NVOCC)
  •    DOT Common Carrier
  •    DOT Contract Carrier
  •    DOT Property Broker
  •    DOT Freight Forwarder
  •    IATA Registration
  •    Container Freight Station License (CFS)
  •    Customs Examination Site License (CES)
  •    Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF)


Contracts and Forms

Our industry experience, both operationally and legally, enables us to examine and/or draft contracts with an eye towards issues, requirements and practices that are unique to the logistics industy to assure that these contracts are drafted with the necessary wording and provisions to maximize compliance with industry practices and minimize potential liability exposure.

Our experience in the industry empowers us to identify potential problem areas that might be missed for lack of such industy-specific knowledge and experience and to work with our clients to determine the best tradeoff of risks and rewards in the contractual terms.

We also prepare template agreements and forms specific to the logistics industry including:

  •    Ocean Bill of Lading
  •    Air Bill of Lading
  •    Truck Bill of Lading
  •    Intermodal Bill of Lading
  •    Owner-Operator Agreement
  •    Transportation Subcontractor Agreement
  •    NVOCC Service Agreement
  •    Warehouse Terms and Conditions
  •    Customsbrokerage Terms and Conditions
  •    Power of Attorney
  •    Export Letter of Instruction
  •    International Agency Agreement
  •    Joint Venture Agreement
  •    Duty Drawback Agreement
  •    Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement



99% of all shipments are problem-free. However, the one percent that are not, take an enormous amount of resources (personnel and financial) to resolve. The upside is that the way in which a logistics company handles the "problem shipment" is often the basis for customer retention; it is how they distinguish among logistics companies.

A small percentage of shipments are not necessarily problem shipments, but they are extraordinary shipments in that they are atypical of the vast majority of shipments and may need specialized handling or have additional regulatory requirements. If these shipment-specific requirements are not recognized at the front end of the handling, these will become problem shipments.

With our vast experience in the logistics industry in both the operational and legal/compliance arenas, Raymond International is uniquely positioned to assist its clients in identifying shipment-specific needs and crafting creative solutions to problem shipments.