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Human Resources

Raymond International has extensive experience, both in HR management and Employment Law to assist you in handling all employee-related matters. A sampling of the areas where we can assist you:

Employee Handbook

  •    Prepare in written and online format
  •    Provide up-to-date compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations
  •    Create multiple state formats for use by employers with employees in multiple states
  •    Annual update and review service


We will create and update employment policies as stand-alone policies and/or inclusion in employee handbooks and management training materials (including multi-state variances). A partial list of employment-related policies:

  •    Internet Access and Abuse
  •    Social Networking
  •    Electronic Communications
  •    Sexual Harassment
  •    Giving and Receiving of Gifts
  •    Hiring of Relatives
  •    Relations with Co-Workers
  •    Grievance Procedure
  •    Drug and Alcohol Usage
  •    Dress Code
  •    Conflict of Interest
  •    Workplace Violence
  •    Travel and Entertainment
  •    Smoking in the Workplace
  •    Security
  •    Distribution of Literature/Solicitations
  •    Paid Time Off (Vacations/Sick Leave/Holidays)
  •    Leaves of Absence
  •    Jury Duty
  •    Reinstatement/Rehire
  •    Confidentiality

ADA Interactive Process

The Americans With Disabilities Act requires employers to enter into an interactive process with employees claiming a disability that may require an employer accomodation. This dialogue is fraught with potential liability exposure. We will guide you through this landscape of legal landmines to comply with the law and reach the best resolution with the employee.


Raymond International has performed numerous employment-based investigations. We can assist you in conducting investigations as necessary in areas such as:

  •    Harassment
  •    Discrimination
  •    ADA Reasonable Accomodation
  •    Workers' Compensation
  •    Theft
  •    Violence

Compliance Update

We issue periodic newsletters and articles for distribution to our clients in order to assure that they are up-to-date in their knowledge and compliance with the ever-changing statutory and regulatory requirements of their businesses.


Raymond International offers in-house training to your supervisors and managers in employment areas fraught with potential employee claims and/or areas where state law requires such training including:

  •    Sexual Harassment (required in some states)
  •    Discrimination (legally protected classes and how to avoid claims)
  •    Hiring/Interviewing
  •    Performance Reviews
  •    Disciplinary Process
  •    Wage and Hour (exempt vs. non-exempt/independent contractors/temps)