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"A “Business Counselor”, Jan Raymond utilizes his 30 years of experience from running his own operation to guiding executive board colleagues, and provides his clients with sound advice in dealing with the intricacies of general business and shipping industry regulations."

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Corporate Governance

There are two major reasons to diligently adhere to corporate governance practices:

  1. To maximize the shareholder asset protections afforded by incorporation;  and
  2. To assure that the chain of authority is followed in order to minimize the chances for unauthorized conduct that could expose the business to liability.



At its most basic, Shareholders select Directors to oversee their interests and Directors select Officers to conduct the day-to-day operations of the business. Each of these three tiers of corporate governance have their own rights and obligations. We provide education on the structure and requirements of corporate governance and then work with each of these three groups to assure that the corporate governance requirements are met. These can include any or all of these steps:

  •    Formation (articles of incorporation, bylaws, etc.)
  •    Share Registers
  •    Shareholder Meetings, Minutes and Resolutions
  •    Board of Directors Meetings, Minutes and Resolutions
  •    Officer Authorities



In addition to these basic corporate governance areas, we work with our clients to develop stock programs such as:

  •    Restricted Stock
  •    Stock Options
  •    Phantom Stock


Public Companies

For Publicly Traded Companies, we also offer assistance with:

  •    SEC Compliance (Forms 3, 4 and 5/10Q and 10K Reporting)
  •    Insider Trading Policies and Practices
  •    Proxy and Transfer Agent Matters
  •    D&O Questionnaires
  •    Managing Shareholder Proposals
  •    SEC and Stock Market Inquiries and Investigations