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"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on our mutual clients in the M&A arena.  Rarely do lawyers understand the logistics industry, but your experience in this area is second to many lawyers have a customs license?  Your experience on the buy and sell side is extraordinary, and I feel lucky when we are on the same team. Your financial background helped us avoid a few pitfalls, and I look forward to helping our mutual clients for years to come"

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Case Studies - Regulatory Compliance

The Problem

Client A is an international logistics company. Its NVOCC was negotiating a service contract with a European carrier under which it sought to obtain an end-of-contract payment from the carrier. Client was concerned about the potential for violation of the anti-rebate clause of the Shipping Act.

Raymond International actions

We researched the applicability of the Shipping Act to transactions not involving U.S. waters, the applicability of the anti-rebate clause to shippers and what payments were permissible by carriers.


We advised the client on permissible terms and clauses to go into their service contract. As a consequence, the client was able to recoup a significant payment without violating the Shipping Act.


The Problem

Client B changed its purchase terms on its importations but did not change the way it reported value information on its U.S. Customs entries.

Raymond International Actions

We did an internal audit analysis to determine whether the Customs reporting was compliant. Upon concluding that it was not, we advised the client of its options to address the problem. Based upon that advise, we prepared a voluntary prior disclosure covering 50+ entries over a two year span.


Customs accepted the disclosure and issued no penalties, fines or black marks in the database. The Client saved tens of thousands of dollars and its reputation with Customs.