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"It has been an absolute pleasure working with you on our mutual clients in the M&A arena.  Rarely do lawyers understand the logistics industry, but your experience in this area is second to many lawyers have a customs license?  Your experience on the buy and sell side is extraordinary, and I feel lucky when we are on the same team. Your financial background helped us avoid a few pitfalls, and I look forward to helping our mutual clients for years to come"

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Case Studies - Logistics Industry

The Problem

Client A is an NVOCC. It carried a container of cargo from China to the United States on its hbl. The cargo was refused entry by EPA and, therefore, by CBP. Client was told that the goods had to be re-exported. The shipper refused to take it back. The cargo was accumulating demurrage for months, for the account of the client (as shipper on the mbl). The consignee on the hbl, and importer of record (client's customer) reputdiated the shipment and is financially unable to pay the charges.

Raymond International Actions

We contacted both EPA and CBP to determine why re-export had been demanded. We confirmed through legal research and our contacts with the regulators that destruction under CBP supervision was permissible. We worked with the client to identify an approved disposal facility and to prepare the permit necessary to have destruction as well as the confirmation of abandonment by the consignee. We also worked with the client to identify alternative means of collecting the charges from the consignee (including accessing consignee's owner's assets).


The cargo was destroyed under CBP supervision thereby stopping any further accumulation of charges. Client saved $150/day for an unknown additional period of time as well as $4000+ in re-export transportation charges.

The Problem

Client B was unable to penetrate its client base and grow its revenue stream because it was a provider of only one niche service.

Raymond International actions

We worked with the client to develop a growth strategy that included product line diversification. We applied for and obtained multiple regulatory licenses, including DOT Contract Carrier, FMC OTI-FF and FMC OTI-NVOCC licenses. We then worked with the client to recruit operators experienced in those product lines and developed employment contracts for them with incentive packages built around phantom stock provisions. We are working with the client to acquire an IATA-registered indirect air carrier to round out the product line offerings.


The Client is now bidding on multi-product RFQ's and has expanded its annual revenue by 40%.